CERITA & StoryTheCity

(Indonesia, Netherlands, UK) 

CERITA (aka StoryTheCity) amplifies citizens' voices using storytelling, dialogue methods, and technology enabling the fight against discrimination, the promotion of inclusivity and the building trust. It empowers leaders, community influencers, teachers, and professionals to work with diversity more effectively within organisations and in wider society.


The programme was designed and delivered in 5 cities in Indonesia by The Caravanserai Collective and the Habibie Center and funded by Google.org from January 2017 - March 2018 (report and video below).


The full programme includes training, replication, a showcase, and a digital platform. We are currently delivering the programme in full and as a stand alone training.

-We have recently received funding through Google.org (administered by the ISD) to run the full StoryTheCity programme in Peterborough, UK from August-December 2018

-We have run a 1-day taster for professionals in Amsterdam in July 2018 with local partners Nieuw Wij 

-We have adapted the programme for teenagers for an Interfaith Youth Camp put on by Arigatou International and URI Europe in The Hague, The Netherlands in July 2018


The Caravanserai Collective is UK based private limited company established in February 2017 to run CERITA/StoryTheCity worldwide. Our Directors are Abdul Rehman Malik and Stephen Shashoua and we engage consultants for specific project work.

The programme is co-owned by The Caravanserai Collective and the Habibie Center